Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adenium this succeeded

SH/Bayu Dwi Mardana
Adenium this succeeded in blossoming together in each one of his branches.
The bushy flower could be created after beforehand was carried out pemangkasan.
Jakarta - Adenium his form was indeed unique.
Moreover if blossoming, very pretty.
Currently many crossings adenium that put forward the flower with various colours.
But unfortunately if very much blossomed, was waited for that was further old just berbunga..
In fact, adenium could be made blossoming for the length of time.
Chandra Gunawan, the hobbyist adenium, proved him in Godongijo, nursery him that was wide in the Atmosphere (Bogor).
Along with this tips him so that the crop from the desert hard-working blossomed.
Pemangkasan was his key.
The stick adenium that grew memanjang will give the disorder impression.
Pemangkasan the main stick could be done in accordance with the hobbyist's wish.
If wanted that his form was high then the stick that was cut off also rather high also.
Apart from the main stick, pemangkasan the branch was also done.
His aim of appearing dense.
Pemangkasan this branch, also could interrupt the pest life-cycle and the illness, as well as the main key to membungakan adenium together in each one of his branches.
Pemangkasan will produce new buds in each branch that was cut.
From this new bud, later will go out the flower.
But that must be paid attention to before carrying out denudation, confirmed the crop was healthy and the media tanam him was fertile.
Giving of fertiliser slow release or NPK better two weeks before the "execution".
According to Chandra, that rarely was paid attention to by the hobbyist was sterility of the implement pemotong.
Scissors or the knife that were used often dirty.
Not sterile equipment often caused the failure.
Because his former slice became rotten that could hinder to the other part.
Hope to receive adenium that was beautiful, disappeared because of carelessness.
It is best to pemangkasan was carried out in the morning so that the former discount could be fast dry.
Was not suggested the denudation was carried out in the rain season, because the stick that just was cut off when being affected by water will rot.
If adenium that has been barren since the beginning in the good condition, the healthy crop and the condition for h

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